Friendships are made

It’s amazing how many friendships come about from my sessions.

In fact, I’m actually quite proud of it

Reason this happens, is that I target a particular age group, with things in common, and therefore it’s easy to build rapport with each other

Which contributes towards the overall feeling of attending my sessions and the atmosphere

Clever hey

It’s not like attending any other session, where you might be jumping up and down doing star jumps, with a load of strangers,

All of a mixed age,

All of a different gender,

With nothing in common

So when I see people sharing videos on social media, of classes they know of or have been to, I’m not phased at all.

There’s a reason why I’ve lasted 22 years in business as a PT

It’s all about results and building rapport with people

Cool hey

Paul ‘friendship maker’ Coshott

PS – If getting out of the house, meeting people and making new friends isn’t your thing

and your happy to sit in and watch your life tick by, that’s cool

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I haven’t got the time

I haven’t got the time

It’s probably one of the number 1 sayings in the world

I even use it myself sometimes

Do you ever find yourself saying this?

While a lot of us genuinely haven’t got any spare time, as we juggle a dozen things all at once

Some people will use it an excuse

I see a lot of people throughout the week/ year, and I hear the saying quite a lot

But I’ve come up with a conclusion about this saying

Some people will use it as a smoke screen for procrastination, or putting off what they really need to do

( this is my belief of it )

There’s people I know, who do amazing things within a day. They get so much done

Having a military style day, I don’t think is a good thing, but if we really broke down our day(s), we would find that we lose time doing a bit of dithering.

Playing on our phones is certainly somewhere were we lose time

But let’s go back to procrastination

This is something else that most of us do. It can be pretty lethal

If you are or have been procrastinating, it can lead to stress, guilt and eventually low self esteem

If this escalates, it can then lead to severe anxiety. This can then create a positive, as the individual will be forced to take action, and a motivating force is generated

Here’s some examples of how procrastination can come about:

Avoidance: we avoid the situation or location, where a task might take place

Distraction: we engage in other behaviours or actions, to prevent awareness of the task

Comparisons: We compare our situation to those even worse

When we procrastinate, we allow ourselves the emotional pleasures of the moment to have more influence on our motivations than the perceived unpleasant emotional payoff of the task at hand

So the next time you say ‘I haven’t got the time’, are you really procrastinating over something?

What do you think?

Paul ‘:)

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What do you want?

For the past 2/3 weeks now, I have been posting up an ‘Accountability Form’, in our private Facebook page

People come back with all kinds of things, on what they want to work on

but my response is nearly always the same to everyone, and its very important

What ever you do want to achieve ( weight loss etc ), you have to have a reason why, you want to achieve that outcome

Too many people never really know why they want to achieve something

When you have a big enough reason on why you want to achieve something, then you will have a lot more motivation towards it

So, my 2 tips for you this morning are, 1. Get really clear on what you want. 2. Get really clear on why you want it

( its all explained in the video )

Paul ‘Mr Motivator’ Coshott

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Size 18/20 to a size 10/12

Did you see the recent interview I did with one of my clients, Claire, in yesterdays email?

( if you didnt, you can check it out here – )


Here’ s the first Interview I ever did with her, almost 4 years ago.

If you watch both videos, you’ll be able to see the massive transformation in her

but not just in weight loss, but also confidence too and body language

When she first started training with me, she was a size 18/20

In the first 3 months of attending, she lost 11lbs

She has carried on training with me, taking in the bits of advice I have given her over the years, and now she borders on a size 10/12

If you are interested in getting similar results to Claire, then click on the following link and apply to join my Women Only transformation program ( currently only 2 spaces left ) :

Paul ‘guru’ Coshott

PS – If getting fitter, slimmer and feeling more confident isn’t your thing this year, then that’s cool

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Do you need support re weight loss?

The support within my Women Only Training sessions, is probably the number 1 reason, why so many of them stay for so long

Support certainly plays a big part in helping you get to where you want to be

Claire has been attending my sessions for 4 years now. The support and the environment of the classes, where why she signed up

Before she joined, she was a size 18-20, and was very inactive. She had never stuck to an exercise plan before, until she joined my program

She started off doing a Free week trial, “I really enjoyed it and everyone was very supportive”.

Claire then signed up to a 3 month training program, and started training with me more regularly “I was beginning to sleep better and had more energy”

Within the first 10 months of her attending, she dropped down to a size 10-12 and has been that size ever since

“If your thinking of joining, then do it. You won’t regret it. At first, I got a bit frustrated with it, trying to learn all the moves and combinations, but you need to stick with it. It’s very enjoyable and it’s why all the women keep coming back. Things won’t happen overnight, but soon you will begin to see and feel the changes”

Paul ‘supportive’ Coshott ?

PS – watch the video until the end, as you’ll see the size of the jeans Claire used to wear, and the size that she wears now ?

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Fixed mindset Vs Growth mindset

What type of ‘Mindset’ do you have?

A fixed mindset?

Or a growth mindset?

If you’re unfamiliar with these terms……..

Allow me to explain:

If you have a fixed mindset,

It means that you see yourself as the ‘finished product’  ( someone that cant change or cant be ‘improved’ )

If you have a growth mindset

It means that you see yourself as a ‘work in progress’ ( someone that can change and can be ‘improved’ )

Most Women I talk to,  would describe themselves as having a growth mindset

And for many,

This is TRUE

At least in some areas of their life

But very few people actually use this mindset in ALL areas of their life

Some are in great shape

But struggle being a mum, partner,  and in their career

Some are great being a mum, partner and have a great career

But struggle to stay in shape ( and have no time for friends or a social life )

In the past

I know I’ve had some pretty shit ares in my life ( putting it bluntly )

But one thing I did years ago

Was to invest in an NLP practitioner course. The most powerful course I have ever done

Its certainly helped me throughout the years, and has helped me get to where I am today

My advice to you today

If there’s something that you want in life…..

And there’s someone out there that can help you get it,

Don’t be afraid to invest in them

( even if its NOT me )

Because you’re NOT the finished article Baby Girl

Far from it

Paul ‘Growing lad’ Coshott

PS – If you DO think that I’m the man for the job….

And you DO want me to help you with your goals, confidence and weight loss etc, respond to this message and lets have a chat

PPS – I’ll be touching on mindset in tomorrow nights, ’90 day action plan seminar’ – 7.40pm, St Mary’s Church Hall, St Mary’s road, Garston

Children copy you

Have you ever wondered how your children or babies learn to walk?

They copy you, or they’re peers around them

As they get older

They copy other things you have

Eating habits

Exercise habits


Thought process

Alcohol intake etc

This is called modelling ( in NLP terms )

Are you a good role model to your children, or other younger people around you?

While younger people around us ‘model’ themselves on us

We can also model ourselves on other people

People who earn more money than us

People who are more motivated than us

People who are in better shape than us etc

This is something I’ll be touching on in tonight’s nights FREE training seminar:

‘How to get your confidence back, in 90 days’

This will be starting at 7.40pm, St Mary’s Church Hall, St Mary’s road, Garston L19

Places are limited

Paul ‘role model’ Coshott

PS – It really is possible to feel more confident in 90 days. Let me show you tonight

Do you always wear black?

We’re still in summer ( not long left of it now )

The time to wear colourful clothing,


Do you find yourself always wearing black?

I like black, I wear it a lot myself, but, it’s a colour that a lot of women feel safe in

The reason being, black clothing, or dark clothing, can make you look thinner than what you actually are

As the creases don’t show up as much, as they would in lighter or more colourful clothing

This can be a good trick to use, but, do you really want to wearing black in the Summer?

It can also contribute towards a really dull aura

And if you want to start feeling more confident, fitter and more vibrant, that’s not good

I can help you do something about it, but you’ll have to be quick

My fees for my 6 week body transformation program go up tomorrow, and it’s almost full.

To apply to join the program, click on the following link and fill out the short application form:

And I’ll have you wearing brighter, looser clothing for the summer ( that’s if you want )

Paul ‘fluorescent’ Coshott

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Personal training

Last week, I made a ‘very important’ announcement

To say that I would be opening the door for some people, who wanted personal training

I only had room for 2 people, but 5 people actually came forward

Which was cool

Due to the interest, I’m prepared to keep that opportunity open,

For the next couple of days

So if there’s anything you need help with, or something you would like to work on,

And you feel you would benefit from

Some private tuition

Then send me a message, asap

After this week, the doors will close on this opportunity

As it’s very rare I do personal training these days

As I’m so busy with my other classes/ programs

Paul ‘in demand’ Coshott

PS – This week really is the last week to do some personal training with me

So if your serious about making changes and you need some help, don’t let the opportunity pass you by

9lbs lost in 4 weeks

Are you currently getting in from work

sitting on the couch

eating junk food

and generally just putting on weight?

If so, check out this interview I did with one of my clients, Emma

for about 6 months, Emma was doing this, after she got in from work each day

having watched my videos for a while,

she decided to come and check out my classes, and booked in for a free trial week

“during the free week trial, I felt welcome. All the women were very supportive. I decided that I wanted to pursue this further”

Emma then signed up to one of the programs

“In 4 weeks, I’ve lost 9lbs. I feel so much better. Its made me feel really good. I’ve also made new friends”

“Obviously the weight loss is really good, but mentally feeling better is the main thing”

Click on the link for the full interview

Paul ‘therapist’ Coshott

PS – I hardly ever offer free week trials now. If this is something that you wanted to do, you’d have to let me know, asap

PPS – As from Friday 30th March, its possible that I will be no longer offering a 6 week body transformation course, as all programs are almost full