In my opinion, these are the best classes to help you tone up, lose weight, reduce stress levels, enjoyment, friendships, and overall general well being in Liverpool.

I first started teaching Boxercise classes in about 1998. In fact, I was one of the first trainers to start teaching it. I used to teach between 15 and 20 classes a week across Liverpool, Wirral, Wigan and Warrington areas. I loved it, but as I began getting more and more busy with Personal Training, I cut back on the classes, and in 2005, I stopped teaching them all together.

Having spent so many years, trying different things with my business and exploring different avenues, I went back to teaching Boxercise classes in 2010.

This time, I had more experience, having still been training in martial arts and doing different Boxing classes and working with different coaches

Since then, my classes built up again, ( proving I’m pretty cool at teaching it ha ), and in July 2019, I moved into my first studio

Women Only classes 

Due to the amount of enquiries I was getting from Women, I decided to make the classes ‘Women only’, and wanted them and the program(s) to cover all the specific needs what women want, weight loss, confidence, fitness, reduce stress levels, feel good etc

How will they help me? 

These classes/ program, will help you regain your fitness, confidence and energy again. Mostly, I get enquiries from women, who haven’t exercised in a while, and maybe some of them have gone through some kind of trauma ( break up, divorce, illness etc ), so the environment of the classes, as well as all the other things in place ( diet plans, accountability etc ), will help you achieve your desired outcomes

The first couple of sessions

During the first couple of sessions, either myself or one of my trainers will go through all the basics with you, how to hold the focus pads, how to execute the punches, how to do the footwork etc. Once you are familiar with all the basics, then I will start teaching you some beginner Boxing combinations. When you start learning these, you will start to feel the full benefits of the sessions. You will also work with another beginner, during the first few sessions

Equipment and Clothing 

Please wear something that you are comfortable in and bring a drink. Equipment is provided, however, due to the recent Covid 19 virus, I suggest that at some point, you purchase your own gloves, pads and inner gloves. The inner gloves act like a sock for your hand, so you’re probably best to purchase these first, if you don’t want to purchase gloves or pads just yet. Equipment can be purchased at the studio.

Private tuition 

I am happy to provide some private tuition, if that’s what you would prefer before you join the classes. These will take place at the studio, and I only really have daytime and Saturday appointments available. There are 2 other trainers who work at the studio, and they might have more time available than myself. I am also happy to provide private tuition to children and men


Please click on the link below for a Free week trial at the studio, which includes all classes


What you can achieve at my Boxing Classes:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle Tone
  • Confidence
  • New Friends and New social Network
  • Fitness
  • Basic Self Defence skills
  • Improved general wellbeing
  • Release aggression
  • Increase your discipline
  • Improvement in energy and concentration

pam“Since attending Paul’s Boxercise classes in Liverpool, my confidence has grown. The classes have completely changed my life. I have NEVER committed to any exercise programme before Paul’s classes”

Pam, Aug 15


helen_testimonial_home“Before I started working with the Liverpool personal trainer, I’d been going to various gyms around Liverpool and not really achieving anything. I’d always liked martial arts training and a friend recommended Paul” [read more]


joy_testimonial_home“In only 4 weeks of attending Paul’s Boxercise classes in Liverpool, I lost 8lbs. I feel more toned and confident and feel fitter and more motivated. Paul is friendly and professional and a great motivator” [read more]


Current Boxing Class Times 

6:30 and 7.50pm

6:15 and 7.50pm ( Kickboxing class and also including alternative striking )

6:30pm and 7:50pm

6 and 7pm – Women only, Weights and Strength training


All sessions held at my ‘Strictly Boxing’ Fitness studio, Mercer street, Liverpool L19 2NR [Map]


*PLEASE NOTE: The Free Week Trial has to be Pre Booked. Please wear something that you are comfortable in and bring a drink. Also, please wear appropriate footwear. All equipment is provided. The application form below has to be filled in, before you do the free week trial