Personal training is provided at my ‘Strictly Boxing Fitness studio’, Garston, Liverpool
I first started out in business as a Personal Trainer, in April 1996. Within this time, I have helped so many people and helped them overcome so many issues
With my own fitness, I like to do weight training , Boxing training and Martial arts style training, as in my opinion, these are the best disciplines
I am also an NLP practitioner ( neuro linguistic programming ) and Life coach, and I’m experienced in working in the personal development field
For my personal training sessions, I like to use a combination of all of the above, unless you would like to do something specific. If you would like to focus more on your own personal development ( confidence, beliefs etc ), then I’m happy to help you with that also
If you would like to focus on weight loss and losing body fat %, we can also take these recordings at the start of a program and monitor your progress a long the way
If you can fit in with my very busy schedule and meet me at my studio, I’m happy to only charge £30 per session. However, if you cant, and you would like a more structured program with more accountability, please fill in the application form below, and please let me know what outcomes you are after through working with me
I also have 2 other trainers working at the studio, Jude Davis and Rebecca Corlett, who are very experienced in Boxing training and who provide Personal Training. They’re fees can start from £20 per session
If you would like further details, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help
Paul ?

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