Helen Garner, Liverpool

Before I started working with the Liverpool personal trainer, I had been going to various gyms around Liverpool and not really achieving anything. I’d always liked martial arts style training, so I looked up Boxercise on facebook and come across Paul Coshott, the Liverpool Personal Trainer. Paul is a knowledgeable and motivated guy, and within 2-3 sessions of training with him, I was fully converted to his methods. Two and a half years later, I am now in the best shape of my life. I train twice a week with Paul and always follow his advice and recommendations. I always get comments on either how well I look or how good I am on the pads, which has improved my confidence. The Liverpool Personal Trainer’s classes are well varied and thouroughly enjoyable.

Cheryl, Liverpool

“Before attending the Boxercise sessions with the Liverpool Personal Trainer, I had been through a very tough period and my physical and mental wellbeing was suffering. In the first 9 weeks of attending the sessions, I lost 1.5 stones and 16 inches from around my body. You must get in touch with the Liverpool Personal Trainer, Paul Coshott. Don’t put it off another day

Jeanette, Liverpool

I was feeling low. eating junk food and getting depressed. My health was suffering. I was on blood pressure tablets and needed help, so I got in touch with the Liverpool Personal Trainer. In the 8 weeks I have been attending, I have lost 7lbs and 13 inches from around my body. Email the Liverpool Personal Trainer, Paul Coshott straight away, It will be the best thing you’ve ever done

Paul McMenamin, Senior Teacher (Raising Achievement) Holly Lodge Girls’ College

Paul delivered a life-coaching/NLP session for our Y11 students on 13th March 2009. The student evaluations were very positive and they all rated Paul at least 9/10 overall. A comment from one of the students reflected the feeling of those who worked with Paul:

“He inspired me a lot, helped me with a lot of problems, easy to talk to, friendly, honest and very helpful”

We would certainly be very happy to work with Paul again and possibly with a much larger cohort of students.


Debbie Childwall, Liverpool

My name is Debbie, I am thirty six years old and live in a suburb of Liverpool. Paul Coshott has been my personal trainer for the past five months during which time I have lost over a stone in weight and dropped a dress size.

It has taken me a while to get motivated but with Paul’s persistence I am now achieving my goals and am feeling healthier and more energetic. With Paul as my P.T. I am confident I will reach my desired weight and level of fitness.


Lesley, Woolton, Liverpool

Having struggled with yo-yo dieting for over ten years and leading a sedentary life style owing to my weight and osteo-arthritis I decided that urgent action was needed.

I looked in the yellow pages for a personal trainer and found Paul Coshott and rang him.

Since January 07 I have lost over three stones just from doing his recommended exercises and sensible eating plan.

The pain from my arthritis has been considerably reduced better. From size 24 to 18 in eight months. I am much fitter and look so much better. Paul has given me a new lease of life.


Shelia Bairsto, West Derby, Liverpool

I first got in touch with Paul through the Liverpool echo in 2001. I have been one of his clients now for 6 years. At the time I had a lot of body fat and wanted to get of it. The article in the echo about Paul’s business impressed me so I decided to get in touch and give it a go.

After meeting Paul I felt comfortable and was glad that I got in tough. Within the first few weeks I noticed that I’d lost half a stone. My eating habits changed. I could see the difference and feel the difference within myself I was thrilled. I still see Paul today. He keeps me motivated and helps me maintain a positive outlook on life.


Carol Elliott Wavertree, Liverpool

Having Paul Coshott as my personal trainer has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Paul has been my trainer since 2005, and in that time I have reduced my overall dress size by two sizes.

One of the main reasons what I enjoy about having Paul as my trainer, although he does push me physically he also helps me to understand my relationship withy fitness food and where I want to be. Paul also trains the mind as well as the body.

Each session is different, fun but also pushes me physically. I enjoy the variety of exercises that Paul uses for each session from boxing, weight training, going for a run or a mini circuit.

Paul keeps the training sessions varied and interesting and always pushes you to achieve the next level of fitness.

My overall fitness levels have definitely increased I feel more energised, stronger and fitter.

Even though I still have a little way to go I know I will achieve it with Paul’s guidance and support.


Rebecca Leche, Rainford, Liverpool

I was a client of Paul’s, the Liverpool Personal Trainer, for 3 years and trained weekly for all this time except just before and shortly after the births of my two children. Prior to this I was stuck in a rut working hard, drinking red wine every night and getting more and more miserable as my weight increased to 12st and my self confidence was at a low ebb.

As I turned 30 I decided that enough was enough, gave up drink completely and rewarded myself by training with Paul, the Liverpool Personal Trainer. That was in March 2000. He was recommended to me by a lady who ran a step aerobic class in my home area whom I trusted.

Within weeks of training with Paul, the Liverpool Personal Trainer, I lost the bulk of my weight, which was down to hard work and having a regular appointment. Through the years I trained with him I became stronger, fitter, more physically aware and confident. This reflected on all arrears of my life as well as the general mood lifting affect that exercise has. These factors lead me to giving up smoking 1 year into training with Paul. I went from 40 cigarettes a day to none which I still maintain.

I trained to within 5 weeks of giving birth on both occasions with Paul’s specific knowledge, this was not a dangerous thing to do and I’m convinced it helped me cope well with labour nd the post natal period.

Paul has a very unthreatening and assertive manner and at the same time is able to drive me to achieve over and above my expectations.

For me the most worthwhile things I have taken from my sessions is the ability and confidence to effectively train an area if I want or need to and most importantly he started running with me, a form of exercise reserved as I thought for the super fit. I now run 2 – 3 times a week and have done 10k races. It is such a fantastic addition to my life and something I would never have done otherwise.

Paul, the Liverpool Personal Trainer, constantly works to improve his skills which added to the training he can offer, allows him to fine tune the package he can offer to every client.

I would recommend the Liverpool Personal Trainer to anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness, take themselves seriously and can afford to compliment their quality of life

Thanks Paul for helping me move my life forward


Karen Phillips, West Derby, Liverpool

I started training with Paul in October 05. I needed to get fitter and lose wait and didn’t want to go to a gym because I never felt comfortable when I went to one. Being a mother of two and a student it was also difficult finding the time to do any exercise.

One day I came upon a crazy idea of hiring a personal trainer.

My husband thought I was mad. I was determined to get myself back on track as I had always exercised in the past.

Paul came to visit me for a free consultation at home. After a long chat I felt comfortable that Paul could help me achieve my goals.

From then on I started training with Paul once a week at home, the first few sessions we done a level 1 programme in which Paul wanted to see how fit and strong I was. Over time he gradually increased the intensity providing that I felt comfortable with it. Paul also helped me look at how I was spending my time throughout the week and what areas I needed to look at to help me achieve my goals.

By Christmas 06 my body shape was totally different. I remember my jeans feeling about two inches looser around my waist. I also gained confidence and felt ready to start going to a gym again.

I have now been in training with Paul for almost two years now. He visits me once every two weeks and I go to a local gym in between sessions. He is still highly motivating towards helping me and he is their to challenge my negative beliefs whenever I develop any.

I’m confident Paul has the experience and motivation to help anybody of any ability achieve their outcomes.


John Cook, Liverpool

As a member of the ‘Logwood Mill Lesuire Club’ I found it very difficult to motivate myself and was as that point of thinking that it was a considerable waste of time and money. I then had the very good fortune to meet Paul Coshott via the ‘Logwood Mill’. He agreed after a discussion that he could help as my Personal Trainer.

I required a dedicated trainer to help me through an extremely stressful period. In Paul I acquired the motivation I needed to help me lose 1 stone in weight and to train on a regular basis.

My profession can be very demanding and Paul gave me a routine that would compliment my lifestyle reduce my weight and then in turn the amount of stress I found myself under at the time.

He gave me the encouragement I needed to make it a turning point in my life and I have therefore no reservations in recommending him. I feel he would be an asset to any organisation.



Beryl Deacon, Liverpool Echo

Beryl Deacon, 54, of Childwall, had tried gyms but couldn’t lose any weight. So she decided to see if a personal trainer could get results. “My husband bought some equipment, so I could have my own home gym – but I didn’t know what I was doing” she says.

She contacted Paul last spring, and since then has lost two stone, increased her fitness levels and given up medication she was taking for arthritis. “The transformation has been amazing and everybody has commented on it. “Now I can do weight training, go for a runs and cycle. To look at me you wouldn’t even know I had arthritis any more” she adds enthusiastically.


Carole Ackers, Chief Executive, Mayfield fellowship

Paul Cooshott has been working on a voluntary basis at the Mayfield fellowship for the past couple of months.

Most of this time has been spent training one of our service users who has Prada Willi syndrome; this is when the brain constantly tells the individual that he or she is hungry. When Kevin arrived at Mayfield fellowship his weight was in the region of 26 stones, which affected his health and his mobility. Due to a strict diet his weight went down to 18 stone and then plateaued. He is also only 4’11 in height.

During the last six weeks Paul has been working with Kevin. Kevin has changed his diet and is now more motivated to continue with is. This has resulted in weight loss and more flexibility. Kevin is now the lowest weight he has been for more than 10 years.

Paul Coshott is highly motivated and enthusiastic and is very easy to communicate with. He transferred these qualities to Kevin, and it is these qualities that has helped Kevin achieve his short term goals.



Debbie Barrett, Project Manager, Aimhigher Vocational Routes in FE Project

During the summer term of 2006 a series of programmes were delivered at Liverpool Community College as part of the Aimhigher Vocational Routes in FE Project. This objective 1 ESF funded project aimed to raise awareness of vocational progression routes in FE and HE.

The project beneficiaries included:

• Secondary school year 10 pupils (aged 14 – 16 years). Curriculum areas – motor vehicle engineering and construction.

• Learners aged 16 – 25 years studying level 2 and level 3 vocational qualifications at college. Curriculum areas – construction and health.

• Learners aged 19-30 years, not in employment, education or training based in a community/voluntary location.

Paul Coshott contributed to the Aimhigher programmes delivering personal development sessions to all the above beneficiary groups. The sessions aimed to:

• address learners’ personal beliefs and attitudes

• enhance communication skills

• develop goal setting

Paul and I met prior to programme delivery to discuss learner needs and relevant interventions. It was evident during the delivery of the sessions that Paul had prepared well, was sensitive to individual needs and used relevant resources tailored to the requirements of the different groups.

Paul was punctual and reliable. He established an excellent rapport with all of the learners. He worked hard to develop a programme for the ‘hard to reach’ younger learners some of whom had become disengaged from learning at school and others who required additional support owing to a range of problem behaviours associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

In evaluating Paul’s sessions positive feedback was received from both learners and teaching staff, and he contributed effectively to the overall success of the Aimhigher Vocational Routes in FE Project.