“I have really enjoyed the free week of classes”


Yesterday, I got a lovely message from one of my clients, Judith, who has just completed her free week of classes. Let me share it with you:
I have really enjoyed the free week of classes with you, this is so far out of my comfort zone. 

The classes are hard but very rewarding and thank you for all your help and guidance. 

The weights is something I have always wanted to do but never had the confidence until the last 2 sessions. 

I will definitely be carrying on as this is only the beginning. 
Thanks again

Judith has done Boxercise and weight training classes this week. A client of mine recommended that she tries my classes, and that she would enjoy them, and that is exactly what has happened. 
My classes focus on helping you get fitter, slimmer and feeling more confident, in a super quick time. I even offer a money back guarantee, if you aren’t feeling the benefits within the first month of training with me. 
I have quite a number of video testimonials on my You Tube channel now, so you can always check them out, and find out what other people have achieved through training with me
Classes up to Full Capacity

The video connected to this message is a clip from Wednesday nights Boxercise class, which was fully booked up. This month has been an amazing month, and I have had over 40 enqueries for the classes. 5 people signing up this week. It really has been crazy, But I’m very grateful and glad that so many people are now feeling the benefits of my classes, and also grateful that more and more women want to attend. 
So, if you are feeling bloated, unattractive and just generally fit, then contact me this morning, and lets try and reverse the situation, before Summer finishes. 
“Email Paul straight away. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done” Jeanette #personaltrainerliverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer #boxerciseliverpool #liverpoolboxercise
Paul 🙂