The Sunday Sulk

Saturday just gone, some of the Women from my classes, organised a night out

On Sunday morning, I woke up to a barrage of messages, people had been smoking on the night out, being sick ( head down the toilet ), eating kebabs, dirty chicken, getting rotten drunk, etc etc

I was cool about it, and I know a lot of them are usually well behaved over a weekend ( at a guess, haha )

but, here’s the thing…….

I speak to a lot of women over the course of the year, who seem to get in that state pretty regularly

in some ways, that’s not a bad thing, after all, a lot of them probably work hard throughout the week, so therefore, its only ‘fair’ that they should play hard, Right?

The only problem with that my friend, is that there’s a price to pay for playing hard

and that my friend, is the ‘Sunday Sulk’

Yep, chances are, they spend most Sundays, walking around like a bear with a sore head,

short with the hubby, snappy with the kids, tired as f*uck ( being blunt ),

and generally feeling sorry for themselves

would you really want to be in this position on a Sunday?

I’m not here to judge you, or anyone else for that matter, the odd night out now and again ISN’T the end of the world,

but when it comes to a weekly thing, and you feel like crap every single Sunday,

something needs to change, if not for you, for your kids

Paul ‘hangover free’ Coshott

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