Wanting to lose 2 stone?

Yesterday, I was with one of my PT clients

We were chatting about what she had been eating over the past few days

Everything sounded ok, until she told me that she’d been having a couple of ‘slim fast shakes’

My jaw dropped

“Are you serious”

“Yeh. I bought a tub of it, as it said high protein”

“No, don’t use that. I’ll guarantee it’s high in sugar”

Immediately, I began to look it up online.

Suggestions were coming up, that it had about 18grams of sugar per serving

Actually, when she got home and checked the label, it had 20grams of sugar per serving

Unbelievable hey

I don’t know much about SlimFast products, and I’m sure there’s plenty of women who have had great benefits from it

But personally, it’s not something that I would recommend to my clients

The thing is with some of these products, is that they are very high in sugar

And if you are having 1-2 servings of it a day

As well as some other little treats ( bit of Nutella, cake, can of Diet Coke etc )

Then you have taken in a hell of a lot of sugar

And that will contribute towards weight gain and other things

Paul ‘full of facts’ Coshott

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