10 weeks to lose 10lbs 

On Saturday, after the Boxercise session, I am having a meeting at the Cricket Club, which I hope you will be able to attend. 
10 Weeks to lose 10 lbs

I know a few people in the classes are really focused on losing weight before Christmas. The meeting, will be a coaching session, were we will all sit down and write down a plan on how you are going to achieve your goals over the coming weeks. 
So, we will write down the major goal, why you want to achieve it, and then make notes on the smaller goals, which are going to help you achieve the major one. These meetings will be a regular thing, leading up to Christmas, to help you stay on track and making sure you are being held accountable for your actions. 
I will only be doing this for 6 people and the cost to attend will be £5. You must also be a member of my classes to attend. The meeting will start about 11.30 at the Cricket Club. It’s about 10 weeks now until Christmas, so if your looking to lose a stone, we really need to start getting focused asap
If you are serious about achieving your desired goals before Christmas, then please attend, so I can help you. If you are dithering, and not 100% about it, then please don’t attend. I only want people who are serious about getting big results before Christmas. 

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Paul 🙂