About last night

Last night, during my FREE webinar:

‘How to drop a dress size and get your confidence back, just in time for Christmas’

I offered Everyone in attendance something Very special…..

To join one of my programs for 6 weeks, were I will train someone, using a Combination of Boxing and Weight Training, and help them drop a dress size and feel more confident, just in time for Christmas

Not only that, those who join the program, will have one private coaching session with me, during the 6 weeks and I will also visit them at home, and go through all the foods they have at home and give them tips on how to put more creative meals together

Today, I’d like to extend that offer to those poor unfortunate souls that WEREN’T able to attend

If you missed out on last nights event……

And you want to see what all the fuss is about

Send me a text, and I’ll give you a ring and explain everything you need to know

Paul ‘Special Offer’ Coshott


PS – Just to let you know….

This offer expires at 9pm tonight

If you want to learn more

Ping me a text