Bah, Humbug?

Today is Christmas day,and I must admit………..

I was i two minds about whether or not to send you this email

After all, I very much doubt you want to receive an email from your friendly neighbourhood fat loss specialist……

On the ONE day of the year when everyone else around you is ENCOURAGING you to ‘overindulge’ with food and alcohol

However, seeing as I normally email you every single day ( well almost )

I thought it would be a bit weird if I didn’t send you a quick email

To wish you a very Merry Christmas

Have a good un

Paul ‘Merry Christmas’ Coshott

PS – By the way, if you do end up eating your own bodyweight in Quality street and Miniature Heroes…….

( Much like I intend to, after the enormous Christmas dinner I’ve got planned )

And you start to feel a bit ‘guilty’ about it

Don’t let it ruin your Christmas day

One day of ‘overindulgence’ isn’t really gonna do you any harm

Besides, if it really DOES bother you that much,

You can always do something about it in the New Year 🙂