Boxercise beginners course 

                                                            6 Places available 
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Have you ever seen one of my boxercise videos and wondered, ‘I’d love to do that, but I’m just not fit enough”? Or maybe your thinking, “I need to lose some weight first, before I do that”? 

If you go through this kind of thought process, then I have some good news for you

Starting on Wednesday 8th of June, I am running a 6 week, private, boxercise beginners course. This will be for 8 women only. Here’s what the course includes:

*Teaching you basic movements from the aerobic and circuit component of the class
*Teach you how to hold the pads, correct footwork and how to execute the punches 
*Teach you the first 3 basic Boxing combinations from my program, which will contribute towards an increased fitness level and weight loss 
*Teach you 1-2 advanced techniques, which will help give you confidence before joining the full program ( if you choose to do so ) 
*Access to all my other classes 
*A brand new pair of gloves ( worth £35 ) 
*A ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’ training top
*A copy of the Class diet plan, which has been so successful amongst the participants of the class 

The beginners private class will be held of a Wednesday evening 8pm, at St Marys Church Hall, St Marys road, Garston L19 0NE. The cost of the course is £140 and the deadline to register is May 31st. YOu can also attend my other classes, after the first week 

If you are interested in joining this course, or if you know of anyone who would benefit from it, then please let me know. Remember, this is a private group for 8 women 

*Becky continues to lose weight and tone up. Check Video interview 

*Only 6 places left on program 

Paul 🙂