Coaching and mentoring session this Saturday

Coaching and Mentoring session – this Saturday 

On Saturday after the Boxercise class, I will be doing another ‘coaching and mentoring’ session, to help you focus on the goals you have set yourself, or may have set yourself, a few weeks ago. 
Since we started doing this, the women who have attended the sessions, have certainly been on track and a lot more women have been achieving some great results. In fact, after last nights class, one women come up to me and said, “I’ve now lost 7 inches in the last few weeks. 4 of them off my hips. and thats not even dieting, just coming to the sessions” 
We don’t just have to focus on weight loss. We can focus on other things, like relationship(s), money, work, career etc. 
This session will only be for 6 people. 
Important – Jan 2017 

*As from January 2017, anyone who is interested in joining the ‘program(s)’, will have to apply for a position to join. The reason for this, is so I get women in, who are really committed and focused towards making changed in their lives. Coaching and mentoring will be included in the new packages
*If you are thinking of re joining the program, or are interested in joining the program, then there will be a slight increase in prices, to help cater for the way the program is ran and the changes. 
More Accountability 

Without doubt, accountability is key. If you are getting monitored and keeping in touch with someone about your progress, then it is more likely that you will stay on track. I aim to take peoples weight more regularly, as well as keeping in touch with everyone, in some form, to help keep them on track  
Anyhow, if you have any issues regarding the classes or any feedback, then please let me know
Hope to see you Saturday  #personaltrainerliverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer
Paul 🙂