“Definitely don’t be afraid to use weights”

“Definitely don’t be afraid to use weights”
Here’s another recent interview with one of my other clients, Jenna, who has been attending my ‘Woman only weight training’ program.

Jenna had already been training before she joined my classes and had lost a considerable amount of weight

“I’d been doing different classes for about 18 months and had lost a lot of weight. I needed something to help me tone up”.
Jenna joined my 4 week guinea pig trial, just doing 1 session a week and focusing on the leg area. As a result of doing this, she lost 1 inch off each thigh in the 4 weeks

“It was something that I definitely wanted to pursue. I felt so much more stronger”
After the 4 week Guinea pig trial, Jenna wanted to sign up to one of the programs

Due to Jenna’s progress, she has also received a lot of compliments from other people, as her body shape has began to change

“I’m a lot more confident now with using weights and feel a lot more stronger. Everyone in the group is really supportive too”

6 Week Weight Training course – starting Monday 14th November
If you are interested in joining the current weight training program for 6 weeks, then please get in touch with asap. I am prepared to bring in another 2 people into group. The weights will certainly help ignite your metabolism over the coming weeks

“Definitely don’t be afraid to use weights” Jenna

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