Drop a dress size in 5 weeks 

Would you like to drop a dress size in 5 weeks? 

One of my personal training clients has just done exactly that. Here’s how she did it:

Do 2 weight training sessions a week with me ( PT )

Skip twice a day every day ( 5 mins ) 

Done done pad work with her hubby ( following my boxing combinations on YouTube )

Followed a basic diet plan and introduced more protein into her diet 

Increased water intake 

Took vitamin C 

Keep in touch with me in between sessions to stay on track 

Pretty straight forward and easy to achieve, if you put the work in 

The client specifically wanted personal training for her own reasons, however, all the relevant sessions are on of an evening to help you achieve this, which is a cheaper option too. 

If you are really serious about achieving this kind of goal, then contact me asap.The new Women Only weight training course will be starting on Monday 10th of July. Attend 2 sessions a week and attend some of my Boxercise sessions, follow the group diet plan, and you have a great chance of achieving the goal within the next few weeks 

There’s possibly only about 2 spaces left now on the weight training course 

If you would like to have a free session to check it out, please contact me. There’s only 2 weeks left now until the course starts 

Paul 🙂