Getting beat up 

For almost 3 years now, I’ve been doing Brazilian Jiu jitsu 
It’s fair to say, it’s one of the tougher martial arts these days.
In fact, it can be feckin hard 
The clever thing about it though, is that it can really expose your identity 
Although I’m a relaxed guy, motivated and quiet at times, I also have brutal determination, with a streak of aggression 
That all might sound like a good combination, but sometimes, some of those elements can contribute towards a weakness 
You see, when your in a stressful situation ( like getting beat up in a martial arts class ) you can immediately go to your safety mechanisms, like aggression or determination, to help get you out of the poo
But, this approach doesn’t work all the time 
Sometimes when we are in a stressful situation, we have to take a side step, count to 10, and look at what options we have, to help take us forward 
And that’s what doing Brazilian jiu jitsu has reminded me to do
These days, I’m a lot better with it now than when I started 
I’m a lot more relaxed with it
And when I am under pressure, I relax and see what options I have, in order to get out of that situation 
And you can apply this to your life
When you get stressed, what do you do? 
Do you immediately get anxious, out of breath and lose control? 
Or are you calm and asses the situation? 
Maybe next time you get stressed, have a think of what options you have, in order to get out of that situation 
Paul ‘life coach’ coshott