“I felt used. And it was a wake up call”

Have you had a moment in your life recently, were you’ve felt used? 
I actually had one the other night
Lets just say a person who has been in my life for about 12 months now, knocked around mine one night, pissed. 
They were pretty excited actually, as something had happened in their life that was good, related to them.
At first, I wasn’t really too bothered as they told me the story and I listened ( I’m a pretty laid back dude ).
Anyway, as time went by, and they decided to stay the night, I was getting a bit miffed
I started thinking about the relationship, as she snored, and I began thinking to myself, “I’m getting used here”. Not literally, but over a period of time.  
It reminded me, that in some areas of my life, I’m still not getting to where I want to be. So then I began wondering why. 
Is it confidence. Is it fear. Is it my self worth. It really struck a nerve for me. And then I began telling myself that I really need to do something about it ( and i didn’t mean the snoring, haha ) 
You see, sometimes we do that. We settle for things that are just ‘OK’. 
“Fine. I’m getting XYZ. It’s more than the others are getting, so it’s good”
And I’m afraid it’s not https://www.lagyndr.com/online-drugstore/ good. We shouldn’t just settle. We all deserve more ( that’s if were good people in the first place ) . We can’t allow ourselves to become worthless. 
The person left my house after a couple of hours ( I couldn’t handle the snoring, haha ), but it literally was a wake up call. 
Are you doing this regarding your weight? Are you just ‘settling’, for second best. Or do you deserve more?
See, I have issues too. Soon, I’ll tell you the story about me being too shy, to chat up a girl in buzz nighclub, nearly 25 years ago. Still gets to me. Fear of rejection. Worthlessness, feeling not good enough
Hope she’s not on this email list by the way, haha 
I’m still the main man to help you with the weight issues though

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