In 4 weeks: Great Results


1 Session a week of weight training , 1 inch lost on each thigh and an additional 4lbs lost, in 4 weeks

A couple of weeks ago, I did a 4 week guinea pig trial with some of my clients.

They did 1 session a week of weight training, focussing on the upper thighs.
Over the 4 weeks, we used a variety of exercises – thigh extension machine, leg press machine, squats, lunges etc and focussed on using high repetitions, 15-25 reps and also 1 minute of each exercise.
The results were fantastic. Each client lost an inch off each thigh and also an additional 3-5 lbs lost. Not only that, each client became more confident with using weights and have now signed up to my new program, “lose 1 stone + before Christmas”

More and more women who attend my classes are now signing up to do the weights now. Weight training works.

The more muscle you build, the faster your metabolism will become, therefore a drop in body fat % and change in body shape

If you are interested in using weights and would like more confidence with using them, then please get in touch, and attend my “women only weight training sessions” and see what there about

Paul 🙂