“I’ve found something that’s enjoyable”

“I’ve found something that’s fun and enjoyable”

Here’s my most recent interview I have done with one of my clients, Emma, who has been attending my Boxercise sessions for 2 months now

Emma has a very busy career, which was taking over other areas of her life

“I wasn’t doing any exercise and was eating junk food. This had been going on for a year or two”

Emma seen an interview with one of my other clients, Jeanette, who inspired her to get in touch with me
Emma attended the free 1 week trial and then signed up to one of the programs

“You could see instantly the results from attending the classes. I’d found something that was fun and enjoyable. It’s a very supportive group and the women are lovely”

In the 2 months that Emma has been attending the classes, she has lost just over 1 stone in weight and feels more energetic and confident

“Having more energy is probably the best result I’ve had through working with you, as it’s now contributing towards other areas of my life. I feel more confident too, which I’d probably down to the weight loss”

When I asked Emma if she had any advice for anyone interested in joining my classes, her response was, “stop making excuses and book in”.

If you are in a similar position to Emma was in, then contact me and let me help you

I also offer a money back guarantee ( haven’t had to give anyone their money back by the way, as everyone gets results )
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