My legs are killing me

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Its fair to say that I got quite a few messages through yesterday, from my clients who attended the first session, of the ‘Women Only – Pre Summer training program’, as we focused mainly on the Glute ( bum ) area

This is a new 12 week program, were all my clients on the program will go through 4 workouts over the period

So for the next 6 weeks, they will do Glutes, ( lower body ) on a Monday and then upper body on Thursday

After the 6 weeks, this will change to upper body of a Monday and then lower body of a Thursday

All clients are also encouraged to take their weight and measurements, before the program starts, so they can keep an eye on their progress

If you go over to my ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’ facebook page, or my ‘liverpool_personal_trainer’ instagram page, you’ll be able to see a clip of the workout we did

Free Week Trial – 2 Places available on program

If you would like to have a free week trial on the weight training program, please click on the following link and fill out the short application form –

There are only 2 spaces available now on the program

Paul ‘great legs’ Coshott

PS – This week is the last opportunity to join the program. The next program then starts mid July