My new cleaning job

Every now and again, I hire a cleaner, to clean my house 

This is something I’ve struggled doing over the past few years. My days seem to be so chocker of late 

Anyway, I had an important visitor come around a few weeks ago

I didn’t have the time to get a cleaner, so I had to clean the house myself. 

I was up all night for a couple of nights 

Brushing up, mopping up, hoovering, polishing etc 

I don’t mind doing it, in fact I quite like it

It’s just a lot of the time, I use the same excuse as we all use for avoiding things:

“I just haven’t got the time” 

After all the cleaning I did, the penny finally dropped 

“What can I do each day, to keep the house clean?”

Since I asked myself that question, I’ve cleaned everyday 

Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, it contributes towards the overall goal of keeping the house clean 

So how does this apply to you ( you might be asking ) 

Well, we all have goals or maybe dreams 

We all use the “I haven’t got the time” excuse, every now and again 

But, if you ask yourself a better question: 

“What can I do today, that won’t take long, that will help me lose weight” 

It doesn’t have to be about weight, it could be about anything else 

Once you’ve done this often enough, slowly it will become a habit 

And if you can do something every day towards your desired goals or outcome, then over the year, you’ve made a massive difference from were you where 

Paul ‘the cleaner’ coshott 

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