Peer Groups 

The other week, when I was doing my Free online training webinar
I touched on ‘Peer Groups’ and how they can either help us move forwards, or backwards 
This is extremely important, especially when we are working towards something, or want to achieve something
For example, If I wanted to lose weight, and I didn’t really have much motivation for it, and my peer group were the same, its unlikely to help me turn up to the relevant sessions, classes or meetings 
You might phone or text your friend,and a conversation might go something like this: 
“Hey Joan, are you alright” 
“Nah, not really Jane. You know me. The dark nights are drawing in.I cant arsed doing anything”
“Do you know what Joan, I’m like that. Cant be bothered with these dark nights. I wont go to class tonight ( or slimming club or whatever ) . Might open up a bottle of wine”
This does happen  
Thing is, if your in this situation, its not helping you move forward – at all
Sometimes, we have to be a bit brutal, and protect ourselves 
If you want to lose weight, become more motivated and even just better yourself
Then you need to be mixing with people who are already doing the things you want to do
Years ago, when I started off in business, I had to do this with my mates 
I had to sack them off
I was still going wild of a weekend
I had goals and dreams ( still have ) 
So I need to be mixing with other younger guys, or were doing well for themselves at the time 
Its vital that you pay close attention to your peer group 
If their not helping you move forward, or they are draining your energy, then you need to sack them off 
Agreed? haha
Anyway, that’s enough for this morning 
Paul 🙂