Price increase 

Today is apparently going to be the hottest day of the year, which for most, is going to be uncomfortable 

And it can be even more uncomfortable, if you are carrying any excess weight 

Today is also the longest day of the year, which means we’re almost at mid summer, meaning, there’s still time to try and lose some weight, get fitter, wear better/ looser clothes and feel more confident before August 

If you’d like to achieve all that by then, please carry on reading 

Price increase 
From Monday 3rd July, prices will go up by 15%. If you have already been attending my programs and paying when you’re fees are due, then that’s cool, you’re fees will remain the same. However, if you have left one of the programs and wish to come back, or you are thinking of joining, the cost of the training fees will go up on Monday 3rd July 

Interest in the classes is growing all the time, mainly because people are already seeing my clients in the videos, get better at boxing training and in turn, getting amazing results. The boxercise program sells itself now.

So, the usual Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes will have a capacity of 24 people ( maybe only 1 or 2 spaces left in these classes now ). The later classes, on of a Tuesday and Wednesday, will have a capacity of 14 people. If you join in July, you will only be allowed to join the late sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday night, until there is space available in the other classes. The Saturday morning session will be open to the people who are attending the early Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday sessions 

The weight training classes will have a maximum of 6 people per class. The new course will start on Monday 10th July. Prices for these sessions will go up as well from Monday 3rd July. If you are already on this program, and you’ve just been renewing your fees when there due, the price will remain the same. There’s currently about 1 space available for these sessions 

Hope that all makes sense 

For further information, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help 

Enjoy the heat and stay hydrated. Hope to see you soon 

Paul 🙂