Wearing a G String

The first ever lads holiday I went on, was our Ibiza trip 24 years ago

At the time, I worked as a lifeguard

My body was ripped, and my abs were like a wash board

I did weights everyday, Thai boxing once a week and also swam once a week

Anyway, I used to have loads of pairs of underpants, that some would describe them as ‘budgie smugglers’

I loved them

When I went to Ibiza with the lads, I wore them to sunbathe in

Haha, how mad is that

I thought I was pretty cool.

My mates thought I was wearing a g string, haha

I’ve got loads of photos of myself, posing in them on the beech, haha

My mates even entertain their wives with those pics every now and again

These days, no way would I do that

Haha, I don’t think it would be a good look for a 44 year old man, and Peter stringfellow has never been one of my role models

But the thing is, loads of people get in touch with me these days, because they are concerned about showing off their bodies on the next summer holiday

They want to be able to wear budgie smugglers or g strings, but don’t feel comfortable

Then they’re worried about what their partners will think, if they expose their bodies on the beech

Then they start thinking of clothes to wear on the beech, as a way of covering up and then get stressed, thinking that they’re going to be too hot

The issue can really turn into a rabbit hole, endless

Currently, I am training 2 women regarding this issue.

They have booked holidays with their families for next year, and don’t want to be feeling ‘flabby’ when on the beech ( their words )

If you’re worried about being in this situation next year

Then you need to start doing something about it now

A crash diet won’t work. Cutting calories won’t work. Starting an exercise routine 2/3 weeks before you go. Won’t work

You need to start doing the work now

And the more time you give yourself to get in shape for your holiday

The better you’ll feel and look

And a happy Mummy or Partner on holiday. Will make every else happy

If this is something you want to work on, then shoot me a message today

This week is the last week I can take anyone on for my 6 week transformation program

After that, it’s 12 week programs only. The ‘Free Week’ trial, is coming off my website any day now, and I will no longer be offering this

Paul ‘g string’ Coshott

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