What 10 things are you good at?

Yesterday, when I was in the gym, I was in a bit of a depressive state

I was complaining to a mate of mine, that I’d lost some time in the morning

“I cant believe I’ve lost an hour this morning Dean. I’ve dithered around for a little bit, and its cost me. I’ve got so much to do”

“Paul, your too hard on yourself”, he replied. “I bet you’ve done loads of things this morning”

“Mmmmm, not so sure”

“Come on, I bet you’ve done something. You’re very talented. You’ve done pretty well for yourself and you have a lot of clients” , he went on to say

( this dude used to be a teacher )

he continued….

“I remember when I worked as teacher. One day I asked my students, to write down the 10 things that they’re good at. They all looked in disbelief, and couldn’t think of anything. I then asked them to write 5 things down, that they are good at. Again, they looked at me in disbelief. They couldn’t think of anything. I then asked them to write down 10 things that they are bad at, and they started making a list”

he carried on…..

“that’s what we do. we focus on the negative things that are going on. I bet there’s loads of people who would love to be like you. Maybe just focus on what you have right now”

haha, talk about taking some of my own medicine, but he was right

I never really allow myself to live in the moment, and appreciate what I have, or where I am. I always want more, or better, and most of the time, that’s not good

and if you believe in spirituality, it certainly doesn’t tie in with its teachings

So, here’s a little exercise for you to do…

What 10 things are you good at?   If your struggling to think of anything, think of 5

and if your still struggling,

think of 10 things you are bad at

( this can contribute towards your mental well being )

Let me know how you get on

Paul 🙂

PS – If we always focus on negative things, then we’ll only ever have negative experiences