“Your classes are addictive. They work”

Here’s an interview I did with one of my clients, Sri Sarker, who has been attending my Boxercise classes for almost 3 years now 
When Sri started attending my classes, she’d not long moved back to Liverpool and had just had a baby” 
“I was looking for an exercise class. Something that I could be a part of and something that I would look forward to, while making new friends and boosting my confidence” 
Sri started attending my classes regularly, and became addictive, haha ( which does tend to happen ) but then became pregnant again. 
“I just couldn’t wait to get to you’re classes. I knew they worked. I missed the camaraderie. There’s such a good atmosphere and it’s a good workout” 
Sri attends 2 classes a week and as a result, feels a lot stronger and slimmer, which has boosted her self esteem
“I think the best result ive had from attending the classes, is that the classes are very addictive. They work. It’s a very welcoming group and the classes offer great variety. One of them will work for you and it’s not intimidating” 
If you are serious about wanting to get fitter, slimmer and feeling more confident, then get In touch with me, as my classes will definitely help. And I also offer a money back guarantee, if you aren’t feeling the benefits of my classes, within the first month of training #personaltrainerliverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer #boxerciseliverpool
Paul 🙂