Losing 2 months

Losing 2 months

This week, we enter the final 2 months of the year

It’s comes up so quickly doesn’t it

Once September has finished, that’s it, Christmas starts becoming our focus

As a coach, it’s a frustrating time for me

Over the years, quite a number of people have developed this attitude of

“Awww sod it, its almost the end of the year now. I may as well wait till January now to lose weight”. Or whatever

It frustrates me so much

People are actually prepared to give up 2 months of the year, and totally dismiss how they want to end it

It’s crazy

For me, there’s still time to achieve things

If you really get your ass going, you could still drop a dress size before Christmas

Read more books and educate yourself in a particular area

Get some new experiences

Learn how to cook healthy meals etc etc

So much can be achieved in this time

I’ve set myself a goal of attending all my martial arts classes between now and Christmas

Have you set yourself any goals? If so, what are they?

Paul ‘life coach’ Coshott #liverpool #personaltrainerliverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer

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