21 years in business

Around about this time of year, I always remind myself of how long I’ve been in business 
Its 21 years on Wednesday – unbelievable 
When I was a kid, it was actually one of my relatives, who said to me “the only way to become a millionaire, is to work for yourself”. That planted the seed for me 
When I was about 19, I met a guy who was doing Personal Training around Cheshire, which made me think, “mmmm, I could do that”
At 21, I set up my own Personal Training business, with the help from the Princes Trust
When I started, I was working against a very negative attitude, “personal training – who the hell is going to do that! It’ll work in hollywood, but not around here”
With pure persistance and determination, I built the business up, seeing bout 6-8 cleints a day, every day and a couple of a Saturday. Sometimes when I look back, I’m very proud of that moment. I had loads of publicity over the period and I had an exclusive clientele base. It wasn’t easy to build up, in fact, it was really tough, but to have achieved something like that, at such a young age was fantastic
But, about 12 years ago now, the business massively nose dived. I’d bought my first house, and once I bought it, I was really struggling 
I lost loads of great clients, through one reason or another, and my marketing strategies weren’t working anymore. I tried to move into the corporate field and set up other projects, but because the backbone of the business was collapsing, everything was grinding to a halt 
I couldn’t get my head around it. Everything was going so well, and then all of a sudden, within a sort space, I was really struggling. It was a really testing time
This lasted for quite a while. Some great jobs came in and I was still seeing some clients doing PT, but the bottom line was, I was still struggling. I was really skint , and my head was up my backside 
I even ended up working in mental secure units, because I needed the money 
7 Years ago, and getting help 

Its almost 7 years ago now, since I went back to teaching classes. I went back to basics. I was always good at teaching Boxercise classes and I could teach Ju jItsu, so I decided to have one night a week, teaching these classes. I knew I needed help as well, as my marketing stratagies where way behind the times, so I took on a marketing coach 
Since then, the business has massively turned around. In fact, its unbelievable. Over a 100 people a week come to my classes now. Getting help, persistance, determination, accepting when I’m wrong and constantly trying to make things help, have all contributed towards my position today, and not forgetting experienece 
I’m not so good, and why we all need help 

This isn’t a message here to say that I’m so brilliant and to be applauded, but, whatever you are struggling with in life right now, the please get help and try and do something about it
I really did struggle for years, and sometimes I ask myself, “did I really have to go through that. Why did I go through that”. 
Whether its losing weight, leaving a relationship, moving to a new job etc etc, if things are really that bad, then do something about it
Yes, you need all the other things that I mentioned, some motivation, determination etc, but you wont know all the answers to help you get to where you want to be
I have some great skills and experience to help you ( re weight loss and fitness, setting goals etc ), but if I’m not the man, please get help from someone else, Time ticks away so fast, 
Make it count and do something today 
Wonder where I’ll be in another 21 years, haha
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Paul šŸ™‚