Black Friday Offers

As you’re probably aware, today is Black Friday

Its a day when lots of people will go bargain hunting

They’ll either fight their way through shoppers,

Or they’ll be at home, arguing with their computers or tablets, because wifi keeps crashing, due to the amount of people who are trying to purchase the same thing they are trying to purchase


A lot of people will be going into debt to buy these things

Its not a day I really participate in

I never feel an urge to go out and buy something

And I certainly wouldn’t want to be battling with other shoppers, trying to get to a check out

From a business point of view, I never do any ‘Black Friday’ offers

What I offer, is a professional program, that helps Women become more Confident again.

Therefore, doing an offer today, wouldn’t  tie in with the programs ethics

Also, once a client has paid the fee, they are committed to turning up to the sessions

And when they start turning up to the sessions regularly

They’ll get the results they desire, which is what its all about

Pay as you go, Monthly payments, Offers etc….

All don’t work for the client, as I’ve tried them

And I’m sure you only want something that works, right?


Any day now, the Free Week Trial will be getting removed from my website and will be being replaced by a 15 minute phone consultation. If you have recently registered to do a Free Week Trial and haven’t followed through with it yet, please apply, ASAP before it is removed from my site for good

Paul 🙂

PS – Only one space currently available on  my 6 week transformation program