Having I b s


Have you ever experienced ibs ( irritable bowel syndrome ) ?

Or maybe you know someone who has it?

Every now and again, I always come across a client who suffers from it

I’ve probably had tiny bouts of it over the years

But I’ve learnt what foods I need to avoid from time to time

Thing is though, there’s still plenty of people who suffer with it

If this is you, then the first thing you have to look at is diet

If It is very acidic ( plenty of meat, dairy, bad sugars etc )

Then this will play a big part in the symptoms

Taking medication for it ( which sometimes you might have to ), is not something that I would suggest

As you’ll only be masking the problem

Going back to basics with your diet is certainly your first port of call

Try and cut out some of the food groups I’ve mentioned above

Cut back on alcohol

Keep a food diary, so you have a note of what foods are causing the symptoms

Try and cook healthier meals and stay away from frozen ones or processed meals

And finally, if you feel it is stress or something similar causing the problem

Have a chat with someone, and try and get clear if it something else influencing the symptoms

21 Day Gut cleanse

At the beginning of next month, myself and a couple of my clients are doing a 21 day gut cleanse, which I’m excited about.

Some of the results I’ve been seeing from people following this, have been amazing.

By following an exercise plan, diet plan and using the supplements, it helps to get rid of the bacteria around the gut, which in turn, contributes towards mental and physical well being, as well as weight loss and more energy etc. If you suffer with ibs, this would definitely help

I’m only making 2 spaces available, to follow this program next month and do all my classes for free

An email will go out about this over the next few days and the deadline to sign up will be Monday

Paul ‘flat stomach’ Coshott

PS – Seriously, if you do suffer from ibs, bloating, or anything else, and need help….

Send me a message. This new product will help you