Holly willoughby’s weight loss

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Do you ever get the chance to see ‘This Morning’

Or maybe ‘Dancing on Ice’

I do have these programs on, but never really pay much attention to them, however…..

The reason I ask, is that everyone’s talking about Holly Willoughby’s weight loss

Even I noticed the difference in her last week

Apparently, she’s been attending Kickboxing classes, reportedly burning between 500 – 600 calories a session

It doesn’t surprise me that she has had these kinds of results

The reason I teach Boxing, Kickboxing and Pad Classes for Women, is quite simply ‘IT WORKS’

Plus, you get the mental well being of hitting pads ( which feels great )

Regarding the diet that she’s following, its pretty basic stuff, but again. it works

Having high protein, taking in Carbohydrates ( at the right times ) and then eating veg in between

The article was published in the Daily Mail yesterday. You can read the full article on the following link:


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Paul ‘In demand’ Coshott

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