I’ve booked a holiday


I’ve finally booked a holiday

In fact, it’s the first time I’ve booked one in almost 4 years

During that time, ive purely been focussing on my classes and programs

But when the opportunity came about, to book a trip to Vegas with some mates,

I couldn’t turn it down

So I’m looking forward to it

But isn’t it funny, once you book a holiday

You can immediately begin to think of how you would look and feel, on the beach

Or maybe when your going out of an evening

Me and a mate have already been joking with each other, about the training we’re going to have to do, in order to get in shape for it, haha

Not that I need much training mind

But I often receive messages from women,

Who are in a similar position to myself

Who are booking or have booked a holiday

And already worried about how they will look on the beach or around the pool

Are you currently in this position?

If so, I might have something for you

This week, my new ‘Pre Summer Training Program’ is starting

This is a 12 week program, consisting of weight training and boxing sessions

I’ll also provide you with 2 diet plans. The first one, has a great track record amongst women who attend my sessions. The second one is more personalised. This is a 3 day plan, based on the calories you need to take in. I I usually sell these 3 day diet plans for £45, but for a short period, I am prepared to offer this as a bonus, for joining the program

If you are interested in joining the program, this is the final week were I can offer a free week trial. There’s actually only 2 spaces available now on the course

If you’d like to take advantage of this, please click on the following link and fill out the short application form – https://www.liverpoolpersonaltrainer.com/women-only-weight-training-sessions/

Everything that I’ll be telling you to do, I’l be doing myself, as I’ve only got 12 week to my holiday

Paul ‘6 pack’ Coshott

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