Tone Your Abs With Lying Raises


Here’s an exercise we’ve been doing in class lately to work the abdominal area. 
When we do it in class, you’ll work with partner, who will stand over your head. The person doing the movement will hold on to their partners ankles for stability. 
The person will then kick their legs up towards their partners chest and then slowly lower them down towards the floor ( without touching the floor ). Repeat movement and do about 10 reps to begin with. When you have done this, try swinging your legs out to the right ( so you make a circle with your feet ), say for about 5 reps, and then repeat going out to the left side. To finish off, swing legs upwards and downwards for a final set of 10 reps. Haha, you’ll certainly feel it
If your doing this exercise on your own, then maybe use a bench or put your hands underneath your glutes 
Paul 🙂