6 week fit and lean challenge

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Last night, I posted a video on my ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’ facebook page

which showed clips from different classes, over the past week

The reason I did this, was social proof, that the ‘6 week fit and lean challenge’ is absolutely up to capacity

It always borders on being fully booked up anyway, but when I say this ( there’s only 2-3 places available ),

One or two people think I’m blagging them

hence, I posted the video last night as proof


Haven spoken to 2-3 of my experienced clients, they are happy to help out the beginners

which means that I can now open the door to another 4 clients

Only for a limited time only though

So if you still haven’t signed up, and you would like to, now is your chance

before the doors really do close for the summer

Click on the following link to apply:


This really is only open to 4 people

Paul ‘telling the truth’ Coshott

PS – When it comes down to getting your confidence back, this really is a proven formula ( hence why it is so popular amongst women )

So if you are serious about making changes, just in time for the summer, click here and apply for  a place:


Otherwise, you have the option to ‘unsubscribe’ if you have no interest in joining