I’ve lost my confidence 

Yesterday, I attended a boxing workshop with Hatton Academy 

The first thing I noticed about myself when entering the room full of people, was that my confidence and self esteem was very delicate. 

I was burgled just over a week ago now, and it’s actually effected me mentally 

When I was holding the pads for someone yesterday, I was all over the place. I had to apologise to my partner. 

I actually felt like a shy, quiet kid, entering a new school 

It’s only about 2 weeks ago now, that I chatted about eating out alone, which is something I’m comfortable doing. Or maybe used to be 

Anyway, i have the skills and resources in place, in order for me to build up my self esteem and confidence again and I’m sure I’ll be feeling a lot better attending the races next weekend 

How is your confidence? 

Would you like to be feeling more confident again this summer? 

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I help women, who lead sedentary lifestyles, become more fitter, slimmer and feeling more confident, within a given time period 

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Paul 🙂