The 4 R’s

If you are attending my Boxercise sessions, here’s 4 great teaching points that I picked up from a seminar I attended a few weeks ago with ‘Mittmaster Matt’. The four R’s: 
!. Range

Every technique has a optimal range. Use measured footwork to strike at the correct range
2. Retraction ( pulling back the punch )

Retract the strike quickly back along the same path it travelled out on 
3. Rotation

Every technique has a rotational element. Push off the floor and rotate through your feet, knees, hips and shoulders on every strike 
4. Recovery 

Recover to a stable balanced stance to continue the attack or defend 
If any of the above isn’t in place, then you wont get as good a workout on the pads as you should do. 
Boxing combinations this month:

Check out the video connected to this message. Its one of the Boxing combinations we’ve been working on in class. This month, we’re focussing on longer Boxing combinations, which will help work slow and fast twitch muscle fibres 
Price Increase

Please remember, prices for training packages will go up by 15% on Monday 3rd July, to new members
Saturday’s Boxercise session

Saturdays Boxercise session will take place at Sefton Park, 10am, meeting up at the ‘Obelisk’ monument at the bottom of Aigburth drive 
For info about my classes or anything else, please get in touch with me
Hope to see you on Saturday 
Paul 🙂